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Our Clermont-based SEO consultants are ready to help your business succeed in the world of online marketing. By optimizing your website and presence in search engines like Google, we can help to drive traffic to your business that converts into actual customers.

Chess Club Media’s specialty is providing search engine optimization services to contractors, lawyers, doctors, and other service-based professionals. Contact us today to request a meeting with our sales team.

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Our Clermont SEO team will help drive real customers to your business. By optimizing your web presence for search engines, you make yourself easier to find when potential customers are in their time of need.


Every successful SEO campaign starts with proper research. Once we understand your product and service offering, along with your customer base, we’ll help you choose the right keywords to maximize your web traffic.


Based on the specifics of your industry, as well as your local competitors, we’ll design a digital strategy that is tailored to your business. Chess Club Media’s team of experts will enhance your site’s code, structure, and greater web presence.

On-page SEO

For local businesses with a physical location, the majority of SEO success depends on technical website ranking factors. We can optimize your website in a way that makes sense to both search engines and potential customers!


With all of the business directory websites out there, it’s easy to let your web presence get away from you. At the beginning of your campaign, and continuing every month after, we’ll build out and update your listings across the web.


Chess Club Media customers have access to a real time dashboard which integrates your social media and analytics data into one place. Reviewing your performance over time allows us to collaborate on the best ways to increase your ROI.

Clermont SEO Customer Terry L. Brown

“I can personally attest to Mikel’s ability. I started working with him about 6 years ago. My insurance agency has been #1 in the state of Florida ever since in regards to production for our parent company. I was frustrated and defeated until he showed me a better way. He stays ahead of the curve.”

Terry L. Brown
Terry L. Brown Insurance, President

Why hire Chess Club Media?


Chess Club Media’s Founder and President has been a Keynote Speaker at the South Lake Chamber of Commerce, as well as a guest speaker at WeWork, Lake Union Rotary, Lake-Sumter State College, and Lake Tech – topics including entrepreneurship, social media, and sales.


Since 2011, Chess Club Media has provided marketing and advertising services to clients across the United States. Serving a variety of industries from technology to medicine, our team of expert marketers has the know-how to help your business reach its financial and developmental goals.


Our design and marketing team has received recognition for its work via an award for “Most Innovative Social Media Marketing” by the South Lake Chamber, as well as being featured in Brennan Dunn’s ebook “Selling Yourself Online: The Blueprint.”


By staying aware and informed of trends across the industry, we keep your business on the cutting edge of digital marketing. Align your business with our years of experience in search engine optimization to truly take it to the next level!

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SEO Customer Mike Madawi of Smooth Musical Entertainment

“I hired Mikel Jorgensen and Chess Club Media to redo my website and help with my online marketing efforts about a year ago. This is the 6th time that I’ve had this done over the last 10 years. We’ve had some successful results with our previous Web presence over the years but nothing like it has been with this recent campaign. The overall results have been amazing to say the least. I get a lot of local traffic which results in business but I also get traffic from out of the area as well. Mikel is very good at what he does and I highly recommend Chess Club Media.”

Mike Madawi, Owner, Smooth Musical Entertainment

How We Approach SEO

On-site SEO

Our techniques for making your website rank on sites like Google increase both traffic and customer engagement.

Local Optimization

We comb the web to make sure your business listings are accurate and optimized for search engines.

Link Building

Every month we build links to your website to help improve your rankings on important keywords.

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Search Engine Usage

Almost every online experience starts out with someone doing a Google search. In fact, 81% of users do research online before making any type of major purchase decision. This is true for both business to business scenarios as well as with companies that go straight to the consumer.

Lately it seems like everywhere you go, people are attached to their phone. They’re consuming content like never before. When it comes to purchasing, 47% of people look at multiple items a company has published online before ever getting in touch!

From having a search engine at their fingertips to being able to call-out with voice search, the people that buy from you aren’t going to stop using search engines anytime soon.

Why SEO Works

If you’ve ever invited a new guest over for a nighttime gathering or a birthday party, then you know the importance of leaving the light on. The same goes for your business online. No doubt, you get plenty of word of mouth and referral customers. By having an optimized web presence with updated and accurate listings, you leave the light on for new customers trying to find you on the web.

Unfortunately, most businesses lose customers for reasons outside their control. This could be anything from them moving to a new area or already having their needs met. On the plus side, this means there’s always an opportunity for you to pick up a new customer.

By being visible when people search for alternatives to your competitors, you can start connecting with hot leads instead of relying on referrals. As well, you can generate new business from people who have no provider in mind.

Doing SEO on Wordpress.
Troy inside Troy's Cuban Deli

“As a small business owner it’s very challenging to find the time to do everything. Along came Mikel to get my online marketing strategy in place. Mikel knows the ins and outs of online marketing to insure that we appeared on the first page of Google searches. Also, he was able to get my website and Facebook page to work for the business by keeping me in contact with my customer base as well as bringing in new customers. I highly recommend Mikel.”

Troy Heistand, Owner, Troy’s Cuban Deli

Search Engine Optimization

SEO combines a full-suite of digital marketing techniques that come together to make your business grow. Allow us to help you boost your ROI and meet your business goals today!

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Director of SEO Mikel Jorgensen

“A note from our President…

Dear Business Owner,

Before I started Chess Club Media in 2011, I’d spent my career working at a variety of advertising and media outlets. From selling newspaper ads and direct mail for the St. Petersburg Times, to yellow page ads for Verizon, and even as a music producer for American Idol – I’ve seen the same need for ROI (return on investment) play out again and again.

ROI from SEO

When you become a client of Chess Club Media, it is my personal goal to make sure you make back at least 10x your investment with our agency. We want you to make your money back and then some. I feel like this is what sets us apart from our competitors. We know you have to have real business results in order to call what we do a success.

Many times people have told me that such and such doesn’t use the web for this, or that this group is too old for that. One of my favorite things about the Central Florida market, in particular greater Clermont, is the concentration of 55+ residents in the area. The reason is two-fold:

  1. Service-based companies with high ticket offerings are our specialty.
  2. AdAge reported that the Clermont, FL market in particular is ripe with the 55+ market (with plenty of disposable income) looking to use the web for more of their day to day. Check out the article here

The fact of the matter – from mine and my customers’ experience – is that the web is the perfect place to add growth to your business. From increased revenue to improved recruitment, we strive to make SEO an investment that your business can’t live without.

Local SEO Experts

By staying abreast of the latest trends we keep your business a few moves ahead of your competitors – hence the name, Chess Club Media. We take pride in combining timeless advertising techniques with algorithmic expertise that doesn’t violate any of Google’s SEO recommendations.

I encourage you to explore the history of our company, and follow us for updates through our Facebook page at:

From myself, and the team at Chess Club Media, we genuinely look forward to working with you and serving your business.


Mikel Jorgensen, Founder and President
Chess Club Media