Over the last 30 days – the Internet has started to clean itself up.

Even though, technically, it’s not, just image that the “Internet” is Google. And Google is the Internet.

(It’s not so much about the hardware – but more so about what we equate to the idea. It’s what we see in our head when we think of the Internet.)

Those companies, groups, social leaders, computer codes, etc. that talk about discuss, and / or relate to Google have started to move away from conversations about:

What words can put in my website to make it come up hire?

to conversation like:

What can somebody actually do (or accomplish) with my website?

Google’s web guy says that websites should focus on how easy they are to use, then how well they are designed, then how do you market that to the right people:


Yes, absolutely it does.

But traffic is coming from a variety of places now. Namely, people are going to websites when they already know what the address is.

That means people are searching less. Which also means that more people have websites. Which means more people know how to use websites. Which means people will be disappointed if you have a poorly designed website.

A lot of people get caught up on the Google rank. It’s not as important as you would think.

And what is absolutely crazy – a big name player in “Google ranking” (aka SEO) just changed their business name and dropped letters SEO from their name.

They were SEOMoz. Now they are MOZ.

They helped people understand how to make their websites rank higher in search results. That’s what SEO is – make your website rank higher.

Or – that’s what it was.
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
Now, it’s become a contextual and conditional statement. But it’s a much simpler concept.

Basically if you have it or offer it – and you dont have a page on your website about it – you dont really have a chance of anyone finding you by searching for it – because the information just isn’t there.

So you add the information.

Deeper example – if you’re a plumber that does bathroom remodeling and you don’t have a page on your website about bathroom remodeling – when someone in town goes to the Internet to search for bathroom remodeling – they probably won’t find you.


It used to be that when you got a referral they said: I know a good guy, here’s number, give him a call. Now they say:

I know a good guy, here’s his website.

And now that the technology is everywhere – people are less intimidated by it.

Want proof?

Facebook is full of junk.

It’s easy to publish whatever you want. Videos, pictures, share stuff that other people created, rants, raves, boost this post and on and on.

If you want to dominate Facebook – post a picture with everything.



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