Clermont Social Media Study of Top 10 Facebook Posts

I grew up in the Clermont, Florida area. When I graduated from high school back in 2001, the main thing was AOL Instant Messenger. After that was MySpace, and here we are now with our phones and social media.

As of 2017, Clermont has 33,000+ residents – with most of the adults on Facebook – spending an average of just an under hour every day on the app – browsing posts, sharing, liking, commenting.

If you’re one of the few that’s not guilty of such – this author most certainly is – then you must be wondering what it is that we’re all looking at.

In order to find out, I did a study of the most popular Facebook posts about Clermont this year. My methods were:

  • The post had to be on Facebook and include the words “Clermont, FL” or “Clermont, Florida” in the content of the post.
  • I ranked the posts by likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement (total interactions).
  • The post had to occur between January 2017 and October 2017.
  • Where one story was shared by two or more major media outlets, I combined the totals of the top two to represent the overall popularity of the post.

I’ve also included each post below, along with some interesting data at the end (in the form of pretty charts).

Top 10 Facebook Posts About Clermont, Florida

January 2017 – October 2017

🏆 Ranked by Likes, Comments, Shares, and Total Interactions
👀 Most Popular Post Type: Video
📝 Most Popular Post Length (characters): 200-250
📅 Most Popular Day: Tuesday
⏰ Most Popular Time (EST): 12:00 AM

1- WELCOME BACK, Floridians!

Page: 7newsmiami & fox13tampabay (combined totals for both stations)
Format: Image
👍 Likes: 9.9K
💬 Comments: 227
📣 Shares: 2.4K
💮 Total Interactions: 12.6K

2- Woman wakes up to find frogs everywhere

Page: fox10phoenix & fox26houston (combined totals for both stations)
Format: Video
👍 Likes: 2.7K
💬 Comments: 2.8K
📣 Shares: 3.6K
💮 Total Interactions: 9.2K

3- Jason Anderson preparing for the 2017 Supercross Series in Clermont, Florida

Page: Alpinestars
Format: Video
👍 Likes: 2.3K
💬 Comments: 8K
📣 Shares: 68
💮 Interactions: 2.3K
*64,303 views on YouTube

4- Live from a Florida Town Hall

Page: Nytimes
Format: Video
👍 Likes: 1.2K
💬 Comments: 746
📣 Shares: 246
💮 Interactions: 2.2K

5- Photo from Firehouse Subs “Throne of Subs”

Page: Firehousesubs
Format: Image
👍 Likes: 861
💬 Comments: 46
📣 Shares: 103
💮 Interactions: 1K

6- Lake Minnehaha Sunrise

Format: Image
👍 Likes: 1.3K
💬 Comments: 35
📣 Shares: 408
💮 Interactions: 1.7K

7- Amscot in the 4 Corners in Now OPEN 24 HOURS!

Page: Amscot
Format: Image
👍 Likes: 1.5K
💬 Comments: 38
📣 Shares: 71
💮 Interactions: 1.6K

Social Media Post for Amscot

8- Photo of Lake Louisa State Park

Page: flstateparks
Format: 360 photo
👍 Likes: 1.3K
💬 Comments: 58
📣 Shares: 193
💮 Interactions: 1.5K

9- It’s U-PICK season at Uncle Matt’s Organic

Page: Unclematts
Format: Image
👍 Likes: 757
💬 Comments: 189
📣 Shares: 438
💮 Interactions: 1.4K

10- Wolverines Add Rodriguez to Heralded Recruiting Class

Page: Michigansoftball
Format: Link
👍 Likes: 1.3K
💬 Comments: 29
📣 Shares: 73
💮 Interactions: 1.4K


11- The Concept 2 Ski Erg machine with trainer Blake Savage and Top Racers

Page: TransWorldMoto
Format: Video
👍 Likes: 916
💬 Comments: 81
📣 Shares: 63
💮 Interactions: 1.1K


Now let’s dive deeper into the data. The charts below use different metrics to map out popularity (ie, most popular time of post, most popular type of post, etc).

Keep in mind that the results on these charts are specifically for posts that have either “Clermont, Florida” or “Clermont, FL” as a word somewhere in the post. This means that these numbers aren’t accurate for how all people use Facebook, just for posts about “Clermont.”

That being said, these charts are a glance as to when and how much social media is being used, specifically in the greater Clermont area.

Average Number of Facebook Interactions Every Month

Growth of interactions (likes+comments+shares) for Facebook posts about “Clermont”

Facebook engagement relative to time posted.

Time of day related to the average number of likes+comments+shares of each post about Clermont.

Facebook Engagement by Post Type

Average Facebook interactions based on the type of post.

Facebook post engagement based on character range.

Average interactions on Facebook based on the length of the post.

Average engagement on Facebook based on day posted.

Average interactions for Facebook posts about Clermont relative to the day of the week.


As a Social Media Agency in Clermont, we can definitely use the information above to make smarter recommendations for our clients, relative to the area.

Day Posted and Average Engagement

Everyone wants to know the best day to post. It looks like everyday is a good day to post on Facebook in Clermont, though people become less chatty as the week goes on. My guess is that people have plenty of social interaction during the week, but as Sunday comes around, they start chatting it up online. Monday hits, they’re still in the mood, then the week wears on them and they just lurk out of boredom, pressing like and share.

Average Engagement per Character Range

The most engaging posts had at least 250-300 characters. You can copy and paste your text into an online tool like to check to see where you’re at before you post.

Average Engagement per Post Type

Videos are the most engaging types of posts (with a single Image being a reliable second place). Remember you still have to add those characters (write a description) if you post a video. Describe what the people are about to see and why.

Question and Coupon posts haven’t been effective this year, I would shy away from those for fear of a lack of engagement, followed by a drop in social proof.

Sharing links (as posts) may be a little risky because they are such a commitment of time by the reader. Using a picture and a 300 character description allows them to get the point fast instead of committing to reading a blog post.

Time Posted and Average Engagement 

The best time to post is right before work (around 7am), after work (around 5pm), and right before bed (around 10pm).

Estimated Monthly Interactions

Regardless of spikes in usage due to the hurricane and such, overall, people in Clermont are using Facebook more than ever. The trend continues to climb. It’s safe to say Facebook is a smart bet for your marketing dollar (and distribution of your message).

Getting started back in 2011, I cold called all around Clermont, asking people if they needed help with their Facebook page. The most common response was, “no, that’s just for kids.” My how things have changed.


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